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Braun BN0106 Digital Watch

Designed by Dieter Rams 

The BN0106 is the first watch in the Prestige collection by Braun. It measures 41.8mm by 36.7mm and is 10.1mm thick.  This deluxe digital timepiece features a top quality patented Easy Scroll, which is used to navigate through the variety of functions available on the watch. The scroll sits on the bottom left hand side of the face and is rotated to navigate through each function and then pushed in to adjust it. A small button on the opposite right hand side switches on the back light. The functions include two time and date screens, an alarm, a stopwatch and a countdown timer.


The date settings can be arranged in a choice of formats: day and date, month and date or date and month. The clock can be set to 24 hour or 12 hour. The two time and date displays enable the wearer to set the watch to different time zones.

The language can be changed between English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

The stopwatch setting will count minutes, seconds and milliseconds. Once the stopwatch has counted for an hour the screen will then show the hours, minutes and seconds. The stopwatch can be stopped and started again, and reset when needed.

The countdown timer lets out a beeping sound to alert the wearer once the time is up. The same beep is used for the alarm function.

Materials: Stainless steel case and rubber strap