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C4 Plastic Belt, Navy Blue

C4 belts are fashioned from a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly material: thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) plastic. TPE is the same material that makes medical devices such as catheters soft enough for human use and the tread in snowmobile tracks durable enough for the Alps. After each belt is pressed from TPE, it is fitted with a sleek interchangeable buckle. This innovative design allows every C4 "Belt Ambassador" hundreds of style and color choices, depending on the style du jour. Each belt is then stored in a custom box for ease in packing for a last-minute getaway to Coachella. Or a month-long backpacking trip through Europe. You choose. Either way, better than that old leather belt hanging limp in your closet.

  • Buckles are easily interchangeable.
  • Can be cut to size to fit any waist size.
  • Belt will not fray or wear over time or get ruined by moisture.
  • Easy to clean and fully recyclable.
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