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Rose Pastilles

Amidst a field of roses, the young shepherdess embraces a bouquet of roses.  Smiling, she dreams of loving and of being loved...

Since 1591, the ancient Abbey of Flavigny has been dedicated to the creation of Anis de Flavigny. At the heart of each mint is a tiny aniseed, coated over 15 days with fine layers of sugar and smooth, all-natural flavors.

Naturally flavored with extract from rose petals, these candies are just the thing for delicate and pleasant breath. 

Each candy contains an aniseed in its center, which we coat with fine layers of sugar and all-natural flavoring.

  • Each tin represents a part of a love story between a shepherd and his beloved shepherdess
  • Classic 50g oval tins
  • Made in France 
Anis de Flavigny