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Liquorice Pastilles

Here, a lonely young shepherd chews on his licorice stick. A light is shining in the window of a house. Is it the love of his dreams?

Since 1591, the ancient Abbey of Flavigny has been dedicated to the creation of Anis de Flavigny. At the heart of each mint is a tiny aniseed, coated over 15 days with fine layers of sugar and smooth, all-natural flavors.

All-natural licorice extract gives these candies a particularly smooth and spicy flavor, without any of the sour aftertaste that artificial licorice flavoring often has. Fans of licorice will love these candies. 

  • Each tin represents a part of a love story between a shepherd and his beloved shepherdess
  • Classic 50g oval tins
  • Made in France 
Anis de Flavigny