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Drawing Club: A Collaborative Coloring Book


This book invites you to collaborate with 15 Minnesota artists—a project conceived in the spirit of Drawing Club at Walker Open Field, where artists and the public add to a pool of collectively created artworks. Rip a page out and color it for yourself, hang it up on your wall and photograph it, or tear it up and use it to make a new piece—but whatever you do, share it by uploading the results to There you’ll be able to view, contribute, and comment on the work, participating in the social experience of art-making, collaboration, and play.


Featured Minnesota artists:

Emily Bennett Beck

Saman Bemel-Benrud

Cornelius Coons

Brandon Cramm

Kristina Estell

Hot Sundae


Karen Kvitek

Max Mose

Terrence Payne

Casey Seijas 

Angela Sprunger

Melissa Stang

Peter Steineck

Lex Thompson


Coloring Book
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