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Log + Squirrel Self-Watering Planter

The Log + Squirrel planter is a cheerful home for your household plants, and a charming friend for all!  This adorable plant pot is self-watering, meaning the self-contained plant sits suspended inside the outer "log" reservoir filled with water. When the soil is dry, absorbent "roots" hanging from the plant wick moisture from the basin up to the soil, keeping your plant nourished and happy for days.  And for cute points, the squirrel is a water gauge, so when the reservoir is full, he perks up.  But when he starts to lay low, you know he and his plant buddy are thirsty so it's time to refill!

  • Self-watering; fed by reservoir than can last several days
  • Bobbing squirrel water gauge indicates time to refill
  • Easy-refill exterior water spout
  • Dimensions: H 13.5 cm x D 14.5 cm x L 12.5 cm
  • Plastic planter, synthetic rope


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