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Kris Martin, “Astragaloi”, 2014

Kris Martin, “Astragaloi”, 2014

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Kris Martin   Belgian, b. 1972
Astragaloi   2014
bronze (8 pieces)
various dimensions between 1 and 3 cm
Edition of 10

Astragaloi (the precursor of today’s dice) is one of the oldest documented games. Originally played with sheep bones, it was used not only to test players’ skill and dexterity, or to gamble, but also as an oracle to read the future. Conceptual artist Kris Martin has created a version from his own scanned carpal bones, transferring this ancient game to the here and now by means of advanced scanning technology. Cast in solid bronze (earlier versions exist in silver and gold), the artist’s bones may be thrown like dice by their future owners. Available in a limited edition of 10; each edition consists of 8 bronze forms as pictured above.

Familiar to Walker visitors, Martin’s work has been featured in the Walker exhibitions The Quick and the Dead (2009) and Midnight Party (2011). Among other works by the artist in the Walker’s permanent collection, his monumental sculpture For Whom… (2012) is a large church bell that swings every hour without making a sound, now sited on the grounds of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. The artist lives and works in Ghent.

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