Disk Drop Star Set Diamond Earrings by Jane Diaz

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Brand: Jane Diaz

Type: Jewelry

Small smooth satin silver disc with a tiny star set stone in the center. Classic!

In the late-Victorian era "star setting" was a popular technique used by jewelers. The "star" is formed when a graver tool is used to push metal around the stone to form prongs and secure it in place.

  • Materials: Sterling Silver & Diamond
  • Dimensions: Approximately 3/8" drop
  • Locking French ear wires
  • Designed in New York by Jane Diaz & hand-made in Nepal

New York Native Jane Diaz has collaborated with Nepalese metalsmiths for twenty-six years creating a unique hand-made line of designer jewelry. A background in fine art, anthropology, and dance combined with a life-long passion for ritual and ornamentation led to her success as a designer. Tying all these interests together, she envisions a collection of jewelry perfectly matched with traditional hand-made techniques of Nepal. As the industrial world expands to consume many ancient crafts, Jane Diaz values the one of a kind distinction of the “human touch” to each individual piece. It is important to her to keep the skills of these craftsmen alive.



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