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Intangibles Anonymous Fantasy Online Identity by Metahaven

Anonymous Fantasy Online Identity

For their Intangibles contribution, Metahaven is offering to design a visual identity for a person, expressed through a set of digitally designed images for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, WhatsApp, Snapchat, YouTube, or other platforms you may be using.

The actual piece arises after a process of exchange and dialogue between the buyer and the artists.  Upon initiation of the process, the buyer will be asked to provide sentences about themselves, visual materials such as photos, and examples of things they are passionate about, wish to be associated with, or on the other hand, their deepest thoughts and dreams. These will be transformed into a visual world that is theirs alone.  The buyer can order this identity for themselves, or as a gift to someone else. The resulting identity will be shaped around the buyer like a tailored garment, offering a compelling hybrid of opacity and expression between the default, the pop, the political, and cinematic self-imagination. It focuses on cross-platform experience, becoming a fantasy made real.
Dutch designers and artists Metahaven are long-standing critics of the real name identity boxes that come with the cloud computing oligopoly. Through collaborations with organizations like WikiLeaks, and pop musicians like Holly Herndon, the studio has expressed a belief in the visual science fiction that design can be when it gets applied to the right causes. 

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