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Intangibles CK Ghost by Chen Chen & Kai Williams

CK Ghost
Chen Chen & Kai Williams

Product designers Chen Chen & Kai Williams are known for exploring and subverting the inherent qualities of the materials they use to unexpected ends. For their Intangibles offering entitled CK Ghost, the designers forgo materials altogether, instead creating joss paper versions of two of their most popular items. Joss products—sometimes called "ghost money" and literally translating as "shade/dark money" or "gold money"—are paper versions of luxury items or currency that are burned at the gravesite of a loved one. The act of burning the symbolic paper sends the item to the afterlife, where the departed family member will be able to enjoy the product.

Each packet of CK Ghost contains a 24 x 36 inch sheet which is designed to be folded into 3-d versions of the physical products, packaged inside a repurposed traditional joss paper envelope. The products are luxuriously printed in 4 colors on 100 lb Lynx Text (designed by Eric Wrenn assisted by Daniel Stettner) with hand applied 22 karat gold leaf decorating each, guaranteeing an elegant combustion. Each joss product is priced exactly the same as their physical counterparts, which are also available in the Walker Shop. CK Ghost is only complete once the paper has been burned—to that end, each buyer who sends video documentation of the paper being burned to will receive a 20% rebate of the purchase price. All videos will be archived and published at a future date.

Limited Edition of 50

Joss Cold Cut Coasters with Ham Hock: $480.00 (see physical counterpart here)
Joss Metamorphic Rock Bookend: $170.00 (see physical counterpart here)

CK Ghost is now available for pre-order.  Joss products will ship in early April.

From $170.00
Chen Chen and Kai Williams