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Intangibles closer (intangibles collection) by BodyCartography Project

closer (intangibles collection)
BodyCartography Project

closer is a practice in being present. It is a performance intervention for two people who are strangers (audience and performer) to one another in public space. It is an invitation for engagement and empathy. Together we will examine how the space of connection between performer and audience can function as a site for transformation. closer lays bare the power of live performance to facilitate a re-enchantment of physicality and presence.  

Each audience member who purchases a performance of closer will select the length of the performance that they wish to witness. Within a day of purchase, the buyer will be contacted by BodyCartography Project who will assess their accessibility needs and schedule. The artists will then provide a location within the Twin Cities where the dance will happen. Each of the twenty-five performances will take place in a different public location, along the banks of the Mississippi or inside Minneapolis City Hall for example, and the buyer will not be informed of the location until shortly before the performance. Once the buyer meets the performer at the location at the agreed upon time, the performance will begin. The performer will be present with the audience member, to meet their tone, energetically and physically. Audiences will have the agency to choose how they watch, follow, and interact with the performer. Together they will have a shared experience that will reveal their physical relationship to the city and the others who inhabit it. 

After years of making dances in public space, kinesthetic empathy—the ability to experience empathy by observing the movements of another human being—has become for us, an important political and choreographic strategy to pursue aliveness. Dancing in public space, where the body is often viewed as a commodity and restricted to sitting, standing and walking, is a form of free speech. We believe that dance is the ultimate form of expression for our current era because of its intentional liveness, its rejection of didacticism, and its invitation for reflection and enquiry. It is absolutely ephemeral yet invites us to feel ourselves, our bodies, in the present and brings us into relationship with the world and others who inhabit this world. By moving we transform the way we sense, the way we feel and the way we think. 

We are deeply invested in the power of live performance to facilitate a re-enchantment of embodiment, relationship, and presence. As humans our ability to be physically present with one another is becoming more and more difficult. Our new work closer has emerged in response to this dilemma of presence. And we'd love to share it with you.

Learn more about closer here.

This is an edition of 25. These performances will only take place in the Twin Cities greater metro area.

15 minute performance: $150 
30 minute performance: $200 
45 minute performance: $250 


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