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Intangibles Suburban Seastead by Andreas Angelidakis

Suburban Seastead
Andreas Angelidakis

Suburban Seastead, Virtual Property (Futuristic throwback), Second Life. Price: $1 Million Linden (most recent exchange value in U.S. dollars accepted). Will not last long. This impressive monument to housing everywhere is single-handedly responsible for upholding the impressive home values of this neighborhood. Calling it a house does not do it justice, mostly because it is in fact a giant virtual platform, situated in the ocean right off the coast of a fantastic and family friendly suburb. The size of this structure is unparalleled and you won't find another listing like this. Inspired by pirate seasteads and the unfinished concrete buildings that litter Southern Europe, especially Greece, this property is the perfect place to get away and spend some quality time with your thoughts. Look out onto the sunset—or sunrise, as you can of course adjust the time of day to your liking—and bask in the uninterrupted desolation of the semi-ghost town that is Second Life. Explore romantic ruins within 5 minutes flying distance. Greek architect Andreas Angelidakis is not serious unless YOU are serious and his agent's motivation can only be described as "cautiously optimistic." Amenities include: A beautiful view of the ocean. Potential eligibility for independent nation status within Second Life maritime/economic by-laws. This house is too incredible to pass up. Upon purchase of the building, buyer will be put in contact with the architect who will transfer over the possession of the building within Second Life (Second Life account required to assume ownership). Get it while it's hot—this property will be on the market until it sells, or until Second Life shuts down operations.

Exchange rate as of March 16, 2015: 1 million Linden dollars = $3,986.12



Andreas Angelidakis