Robert Rauschenberg “The Rauschenberg Visual Autobiography” Triptych Print

Robert Rauschenberg  American, 1929–2008

The Rauschenberg Visual Autobiography  1968

photolithograph on paper, three parts

66-1/8 x 48-3/4 in. each sheet; 198-3/8 x 146-1/4 in. overall

Edition of 2,000 (unnumbered)

Published by Broadside Art, Inc., New York


Signaling a number of Robert Rauschenberg’s aesthetic, biographical, and performative concerns, The Rauschenberg Visual Autobiography combines key motifs from this seminal American artist’s oeuvre in a monumental vertical triptych. The first panel joins an x-ray portrait of the artist with his astrological chart (Libra); the second features autobiographical text spiraling around a childhood photograph; and the third sheet presents an image of Rauschenberg performing his first dance piece, Pelican, as well as a picture of the New York skyline and a navigational sounding chart.



Image caption: Art © Robert Rauschenberg Estate/VAGA, New York, NY


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