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Hamico Toothbrush Set

Hamico Toothbrush Set

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The Hamico toothbrush, designed and manufactured in Japan with uncompromising quality and original personable designs, is quite simply the best toothbrush available for you and your smile.


  • Set of 4
  • Choose from 2 design sets
  • Made in Japan


The Hamico toothbrush was designed by a veteran Japanese dentist to provide the ultimate preventative care for your teeth and gums. 30 years of experience working with patients suffering from tooth loss and decay showed him how important it was for them to be brushing effectively starting at an early age. By looking at the various toothbrushes available it immediately became apparent to him that he could do better. After testing 100 design prototypes with over 50 different dentists, the Hamico toothbrush with its ergonomic handle and triple innovation bristle technology was born. Hamico CEO, Kiyoshi Kanemoto then extended these amazing design elements with contemporary styling. He recruited a select group of graphic artists from New York to create unique, colorful patterns for everyone to enjoy -- on a daily basis. The work of these gifted artists is printed inside the handle using an advanced process invented in Japan which prevents the design from wearing away with use.

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