New Math Collection Tea Towel by Craig Damrauer

This Craig Damrauer and Third Drawer Down Studio tea towel has the only math you’ll ever need. Printed on linen/cotton blend for a practical yet artistic addition to your kitchen.

Third Drawer Down Studio has produced tea towels with two of Damraurer's "equations", a re-release of Modern Art, and new design answering the age-old Chef/Cook debate for this collection launch. Additionally, they can be stretched onto a canvas at your local framer and double as an affordable artwork for your home. 

Currently working out of New Orleans, Craig Damrauer makes things and writes about things. His art centers on simplifying complexity. The ‘New Math’ body of work takes words and basic math and creates definitions for the stuff that seems to get increasingly complicated in our changing modern world.


  • Materials: Dyed Linen Cotton blend
  • Size: 46cm x 72cm, approximately 19.75" x 27.5"





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