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Alessi Trinity Basket

Alessi Trinity Basket

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The Trinity basket is designed by Adam Cornish on the basis of a simple geometric shape which develops into a vortex to form an elegant concentric structure. Adam's intention is to reproduce the appearance of a natural element through the modern processes of industrial production. The dynamic shape of the basket is created through a process of laser perforations in sheet steel, which is then shaped mechanically.

The elegant concentric shape of the “Trinity” series draws inspiration from the sinuous spiral structure of the shell of the “Nautilus” mollusc: every year another chambre is added to its shell, producing a beautiful, durable and lightweight spiral.

Adam Cornish’s work is born of simple observational based design. Just like animals and plants; products need to evolve and adapt to better suit the continually changing environment. The scope of Adam's work includes an impressive range of design disciplines, including furniture and household innovation, as well as complex commercial and residential installations.

  • Alessi AC002-Trinity
  • 18/10 stainless steel
  • 10.25" diameter - 2.75" height 
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