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Statement Necklace by Isla Clay

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Brand: Isla Clay

Type: Jewelry

Make a statement every day with this gorgeous handmade ceramic necklace with carved black geometric pattern. Light and comfortable to wear.

  • Materials: White earthenware clay with eco-friendly glazes & stainless steel chain
  • Measurements: Ceramic pendant measures approximately 4" x 2.6" x 0.2", total length of chain with lobster clasp is 16" with + 2" extension chain
  • Minor variations from item to item
  • Designed by Martina Zalig
Martina Zalig founded Isla Clay while living in Scotland for a decade. In September 2017 she moved back to Slovenia, her home-country. She holds a degree in Translation Studies and had worked as a Literary Translator until she fell head over heels in love with clay a few years ago. Since then she has been on an adventure of exploring this wonderful material through books, videos and lots of hand-on exploring. She loves the endless possibilities and techniques that working with clay brings.

Her designs explore the relationship between color, image, and form. Each piece is designed and handcrafted by Martina in her studio. Bright and bold colors, black carved geometric patterns and abstract or classic yet organic-looking shapes translate every piece of her ceramic jewelry into wearable art; perfect for young and youthful women with vibrant hearts.

Martina has always liked creating with hands; in fact, it is her first memories of drawing flowers and animals with her dear Gran as a four-year-old. She can still clearly remember the day when she first felt she wanted to work with clay. It was on a sunny summer day when she was lying on a small hill on Berneray, an island in the Outer Hebrides. It took a few years before she actually ordered a kiln and bought her first chunk of clay, but that feeling never left her.

In Martina's mind ceramics is strongly connected to her life in Scotland and becoming a part of that country for a decade, so she wanted to choose a Scottish name for her brand, and that is where Isla Clay came from.