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Disappear With Me by Alec Soth

Disappear With Me
Alec Soth


Traditionally, a photograph strives to capture a moment in time, preserving it indefinitely, framing it in a particular context: fixing it. But in recent years, through the proliferation of image-capture technologies and their integration with social media, photography has become less about preservation and more about conversation. Maybe the most salient example of this shift is Snapchat; a mobile-based application that allows users to send photos and videos which automatically delete after being viewed.

Renowned American photographer Alec Soth invites you to disappear with him, and spend a few days conversing with him through Snapchat. Over the course of the conversation, Alec will send the buyer a series of twenty-five original photos, which may vary from beautifully composed landscapes to simple shower selfies depending on how the conversation develops and the nature of the narrative that emerges. Each photo will only ever be seen by Soth and the buyer, and will disappear immediately. The buyer may choose to send Soth photos in return as part of the conversation.

After each conversation is completed, the Walker Art Center will interview the participant and publish a non-visual documentation of their experience.

This is an edition of 3.


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Alec Soth