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Loop Side Table

Complete your living spaces with this bold side table, a tempered glass tabletop on a steel base that loops at the bottom like coiled rope.


  • Smartly styled side table with unique design
  • Great for small spaces
  • Decorative base
  • Materials: Tempered glass with plated steel base
  • Dimensions: 15" diameter x 22” tall


    Alan Wisniewski for Umbra.


    "I was inspired by one of my original sketches, a continuous loop coming up to balance a glass top. I wanted the table to be simple and pure in its form, giving the illusion of a balancing table top and its tubular structure below."


    Alan has always had an interest in art and design. Growing up, he wanted to become an architect, before one of his high school teachers turned him onto industrial design. He went on to graduate from the Industrial Design program at Humber College, where he stumbled across Umbra after discovering the Bungee wallet. Alan is inspired by his everyday surroundings and favors designs that blend clean lines and function. He takes pride in each product he designs, and feels the city of Toronto is the perfect forum for fresh and exciting ideas.