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Pulse Wine Rack

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Brand: Umbra

Type: Home Accents

Stackable flat wire plated metal wine rack works in the kitchen or any room in the home. Holds upto 6 bottles and comes with 4 clips for stacking, and non slip adhesive pads.

  • Holds 6 wine bottles
  • Can be orientated horizontal or vertical
  • Can stack one or more with the use of clips
  • Organizes your wine bottles with this updated contemporary look
  • Copper finish
  • Sold separately 


 for Umbra.


Born in Nantes, France, Eugenie lived with family abroad—in Reunion Island and Japan--for much of her childhood years. She attended L’insitut Superieur D’Arts Appliques in 2005, and completed her Masters in Industrial and Product Design at Creapole-ESDI Paris in 2009. Her interest in nature, antiques and different cultures has influenced her approach to design, often looking at diverse avenues for inspiration  and challenging the way things have always been made. For Eugénie, great design is simple and changes people’s everyday lives. Eugénie currently resides in Toronto, Canada.