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Sumi Art Box

Sumi Ink Club designed this Art Box for Plumb as a living scrapbook not only for drawing, but also for keeping and sharing things. To start the process, the box contains a pad with “starter” doodles and special double-sided poster.

Sumi Ink Club is a participatory drawing project established in 2005 by Los Angeles–based artists Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara. The club produces work collectively in meetings which are open to the public and can be organized by anyone, anytime. Everyone comes together to draw: the young, the old, people who are considered good at drawing, and people who think they can’t draw at all. The result is art that feels as if one impossible person created it.  Fischbeck’s and Rara’s work has been shown at the Whitney Museum of American Art and London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts, among other esteemed places. They also perform music as Lucky Dragons, an experimental and collaborative band that has been active since 2000.

“Our philosophy of drawing has always been that if you arrive and the paper already has something on it, what a relief, because you already have something to react to and build on, so it’s more like other human interactions. But just approaching a field of white is very daunting.”

  • Unique objet d’art for paper lovers and collectors
  • Includes perforated card with artist interview and artwork
  • Clamshell box with interior pocket; 9 x 11.75 inches x 1.5 inches; 50-sheet pad with dyed blue edges; 27-x-8-inch artist poster
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