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Tippy Teacup

Design by Laura Bougdanos and Vesa Jääskö

The Magisso Tip Teacup makes enjoying tea nice and simple! Thanks to the triangular bottom, it is easy to adjust the strength of tea depending on your taste without making a mess. How it works: Just tilt the teacup so that the filter side of the cup is lower. Then place loose leaf tea into the filter, pour hot water until leaves are completely covered, and let it steep for a while. Once it's done steeping, tilt the teacup the other way, and the tea won't get any stronger. Your tea is ready to be enjoyed while leaves in the strainer stay put, sharing their natural fragrance under your nose as you sip!

  • Colors: Mint, Blossom, Lemon, Black, White, Red, and Green
  • Dishwasher safe, not microwave safe
  • Holds 8.45 fl oz.
  • Food grade plastic, BPA free
  • Removable stainless steel mesh tea strainer
$10.00 (was $20.00)