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Zoolight Rooster LED Light

Zoolight Rooster LED Light

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Popular lamps from Zoolight

Zoolight make the absolute ideal lamps for the children's room. With its many different illustrations of and shapes like animals, Zoolight adds both life and light to the children's room and will no doubt mesmerize any child. 

Zoolight and Ramin Razani

Ramin Razani is the designer of Zoolight lamps, which is popular lighting for the children's room. With Happylight and Zoolight, Ramin Razani has captured the magic characteristics of the animals in an original design. Cheerful children's lamps which bring the zoo into the children's room. Zoolight and Happylight are available in a variety of animals - just choose which one!

The interesting story about Zoolight

Zoolight was founded in 1999. But since then the collection has evolved considerably and today includes a variety of different lamps for children. The lamps are available in both traditional white colours and in new colours, which makes Zoolight even more sought after among children and their parents. Zoolight is sold today in several countries and the company and its collection is expected to expand further in the coming years.

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