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Charles R. Stinson Architects: Connections

Charles R. Stinson Architects: Connections

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This second collection by Charles R. Stinson Architects is a fascinating departure from genre, celebrating Stinson’s work in an unexpected and extraordinary light. Along with stunning visuals showcasing his signature vision of architecture in harmony with nature, Connections explores the intuitive, highly collaborative process of his art. In addition, it delivers a rare perspective: the intimate stories of people behind the homes he designs.

Sharing vivid recollections and private insights with feeling, generosity, and wisdom, Stinson’s clients reveal the personal spirit of each dwelling and the remarkable journeys that delivered these dreams. Satisfying the visual appetite, brilliant photography tells a story of architecture that works with the land as distinctively and sensitively as it manifests each singular concept of home. Light-filled compositions merge with settings as varied as they are spectacular, presenting a magnificent study in natural contrasts—deserts, mountains, tropics, and woodlands. A mixture of living environments, from wilderness to rural to urban, add yet another layer to the architectural adventure.

Chapter to chapter, Connections is a timely and compelling read. The interplay of art-book imagery and candid storytelling delivers an affecting portrait of home within nature that is both majestic and human, transcendent and grounded. No two stories are alike, yet all speak to the essence of the architecture and a truth which unites us all: in each of us lives a fundamental, irresistible need to connect.

  • Wise Ink Creative Publishing, 2018
  • Hardcover, 11 x 11 in.
  • 320 pages
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