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Walker Publications

The Walker has published more than 1,000 exhibition guides and books to date. This ambitious program gained strength in the 1980s, and evolved its distinctive approach in the ensuing decades. Whether an artist’s monograph, a catalogue raisonné, or a publication for a thematic group exhibition, Walker catalogues eschew formulaic approaches to uniquely reflect the intrinsic character of their subject matter. In the late 1990s, the program issued a new form of catalogue that not only documented artists’ work, but also contextualized it from multidisciplinary perspectives. These reader-style volumes reinforce the Walker’s commitment to publishing new scholarly research. In 2010, the Walker launched Walker Postscript (Walker P.S.), a print-on-demand imprint that presents short and focused texts that delve more deeply, or broadly, into the rich concepts that animate the institution’s diverse artistic programs.