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Chilote Wool Feet Slippers

This award-winning design combines elements of craft, technology, and sustainability all in one appealing and cozy product. Knit from 100% wool from free range Patagonian sheep, each pair of Chilote Feet is also geo-tagged with a QR code that leads to the geographical and production details of the individuals that hand-crafted each unique piece. These cozy slippers are handcrafted from start to finish by Chileans in rural regions of the Patagonia, enabled to go on living normal, domestic lives, instead of uprooting their families to find work in crowded cities. 

Three adult sizes are available.  With use, the shoes will conform to the shape of the wearer’s own foot. 


Size Guidelines:

Small: Men's 3.5 - 6 / Women's 5 - 7.5

Medium: Men's 6 - 8.5 / Women's 7.5 - 10

Large: Men's 8.5 - 12 / Women's 10 - 14

Chilote Shoes