Concrete City Tangram

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Brand: 22 Design

Type: Puzzles

Design by Sean Yu & Yiting Cheng for 22 Design

The Concrete City Tangram is a sculptural contemporary centerpiece and puzzle in one.  A tangram is a puzzle consisting of seven flat pieces, where the object of the game is to arrange the pieces to form a shape without overlap, usually on a silhouette. It is also considered to be a psychological test as well. In this case, the designer took it to a whole new level by adding miniature city landscapes to make the game more visually stunning. The set consists of 7 different pieces representing different urban elements: Nature Park, Warehouse, Museum, Office Building, House, Factory, and Apartment. Each piece is made of solid, fine concrete with a smooth outer surface.

  • Set of 7 pieces
  • Custom-made
  • Material: Concrete
  • Dimensions:
    • Nature Park W2.8” x L5.5“ x H1.7”
    • Warehouse W2.8“ x L5.5” x H0.9”
    • Museum W1.4” x L2.8“ x H1.5”
    • Office Bldg W2.0“ x L2.0” x H4.7”
    • House W1.4“ x L2.8” x H0.7”
    • Factory W1.4” x L4.1“ x H2.6”
    • Apartment W1.9“ x L3.7" x H2.2"



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