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Joseph Beuys Pencil, 1997

Joseph Beuys Pencil, 1997

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Individual Pencil

Created in 1997, each pencil was fire-treated to create a point less likely to break with normal use and inscribed with one of the following Joseph Beuys phrases :

Creativity = Capital 
How long do you want to remain at the first step?
I think with my knees 
Everyone is an artist 
To be a teacher is my greatest work of art 
Everything, both human and artistic, stems from art 

Joseph Beuys, who is recognized as one of the most influential artists of the postwar period, had a grand and ambitious goal for his work: the transformation of Western culture into a more peaceful, democratic, and creative milieu. His multifaceted career, which included sculpture, performance, lectures, activism, and even a campaign for elected office, were all part of an “expanded concept of art” that was aimed at advancing his utopian vision. In all its forms, his work is dense and highly allusive and draws on much of the accumulated knowledge of Western civilization, including history, religion, natural sciences, economic theory, and myth. A charismatic teacher, Beuys was mentor to a generation of younger artists who were inspired by his passionate fusion of art, life, and activism.

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