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Cup Lamp by Paul Loebach

The Cup Lamp takes its name from its most prominent feature – a storage cup. Including a dimming knob and built-in USB hub, this playful LED lamp fits perfectly on your desktop or bedside table.

Umbra Shift is an extension of Umbra that focuses on contemporary influences in the design community. For more than 30 years, Umbra has broken the mold by creating entirely new categories that apply thoughtful design to everyday items. Umbra Shift revisits these roots with a roster of established, emerging, and in–house designers who share Umbra’s passion to re-think things, designing personal objects they themselves would want to give or use at home. The result is a collection that expresses diverse points of view, yet sits together with a shared belief in ideas that are functional, familiar and forward thinking.

  • Materials: Spun Metal
  • Measurements: 8” × 8” × 12"
  • Light Source: 6W/90 LED array
  • Light output: 380 lumens
  • Color temperature: dimming. 3000k. 5.0V USB port.  Universal power supply with plug adapters
  • Available in Mint and Black
  • Design by Paul Loebach for Umbra Shift


Umbra Shift