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Fine Line (short-short) Earrings by Silvercocoon

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Brand: Silver Cocoon

Type: Jewelry

Two-tone variation on the simple stick earrings, featuring one long and one short stick. Oxidized sterling silver findings.

  • Measurements: 2.75" long
  • Designed by Tia Keo
  • Made in Minnesota


Tia Keo (Silvercocoon) 
Minneapolis, Minnesota 
Materials: Wood, Acrylic, Sterling Silver, 14K Gold-Fill
Fascinated with things and how they are made, Tia Keo incorporates architectural design to create pieces made from wood, acrylic, and metal. Color, texture, repetition, and light are important considerations in her work, whose forms and compositions respond to the natural and man-made world around her. Practicality and simplicity transcend her work in any medium or scale.