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Fused Pendant Necklace (small) by ITSNONAME Design

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Brand: ITSNONAME Design

Type: Jewelry

A minimal one-piece design where the pendant is hand-sculpted and hand-fired directly onto the chain.

  • Materials: 999 Japanese fine silver pendant, 925 Italian sterling silver box chain
  • Specifications: Hand-sculpted & hand-fired Japanese fine silver round pendant (~16mm), 925 Italian sterling silver box chain (24”)


ITSNONAME – Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Impression Collection by Jean Choi-Johnson  

ITSNONAME “samples” textures from familiar objects and places to create one-of-a-kind Impression pieces. 

The Impression Collection by ITSNONAME (INN) use found textures in the physical world as jewelry molds. Each piece results in a one-of-a-kind connection with its subject. The pendants dismiss traditional jewelry-making techniques in favor of an organic, 100% analog, hand-crafted approach. Each piece is a “modern fossil” archiving each texture in precious metal.