In Quiet Rooms Young Girls Are Writing Poetry

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Hardcover bound artist's book of archival pigment ink prints, edition of 200

In Quiet Rooms Young Girls Are Writing Poetry is an artist’s book that reproduces David Rathman's war-themed watercolors. The paintings depict tanks, planes, warships and helicopters. As with Rathman's cowboy and car pieces, the imagery is paired with hand-written texts and legends. Using "language in a paradoxical way to confront the imagery," Rathman avoids a head-on collision with the "heaviness" of his subject.

According to the artist, "There's a lot of indirection and evasion going on; to see these aggressive menacing subjects twisting with uncertainty struck me as humorous and--in a sideways, minor way--profound." Like a series of memento mori greeting cards, Rathman's book is sometimes morose, sometimes playful, with the artist addressing "serious and ordinary issues: death, fracture, joy, compulsion, testosterone and deliverance."

  • Published by Location Books, 2011
  • Hardcover, 12.75 x 17.25 in.
  • 20 pages



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