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Jennifer Bartlett: In The Garden Poster (1985)

Jennifer Bartlett: In The Garden Poster (1985)

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Jennifer Losch Bartlett (1941-2022) studied at Mills College in California and graduated from Yale University before moving to New York City in 1967. Within her systematic and expansive painting practice, she consistently explores the environments she inhabits and, through multiple iterations of the same image or theme, exhausts their possibilities for representation. She is best known for her room sized installations that explore landscaped such as houses, mountains, trees, gardens, and bodies of water.

Conceptual and novelistic, her work raises and revisits vernacular themes, while mathematics and conceptual games guide her creative process, often in resulting color indexes and grid-based patterns. Inspired by Minimalism, her artwork is often in series and oscillates between painting on steel plates and painting on canvas, occasionally combining the two. In addition to her lyrical conversations between mathematical abstraction and painterly iconography, the totalizing quality of her artwork touches upon many of the styles that she explores in subsequent bodies of work. Her exhibitions range from Abstract Expressionism to Minimalism to Conceptualism, some with elements of all three.

Jennifer Bartlett’s first retrospective was held in 1985 at the Walker Art Center, MN

This poster features her painting In the Garden #68 (1980) which was displayed in her retrospective at the Walker Art Center in 1985. 

Dimensions: 22 x 35 in.

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