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Little Open Seed-Pod Necklace

Little Open Seed-Pod Necklace

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This sculptural necklace takes formal inspiration from the seed-pod of a Southwestern plant referred to as the Devil's Claw. We periodically find it in our backyard - its claw shape is designed to be picked up by hooves and be carried long distances. The plant became a favorite source material for basket weaving and was widely cultivated for centuries.


  • Materials: Leather cord with copper ends
  • Pendant measurements: 2" wide x 2.5" long


Oropopo is a husband and wife duo. In their Albuquerque studio they combine new techniques with traditional materials to create objects inspired by Native American, classic Western, and New Mexican culture that breathe new life into American history.

Karole's professional background is in architecture and structural engineering. The Oropopo name is from her birthplace on the coast of Venezuela. Grady is a native of New Mexico, a writer, and literary editor; he has specialized in desert literature and its aesthetics. Together, they refine a narrative that associates site and culture with contemporary technology.

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