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Matte Amazonite Abacus Necklace by Yen Chee Design

Brand: Yen Chee Design

Type: Jewelry

The Abacus Necklace is a kinetic necklace that adds a modern element to any wardrobe. It's positioned on an adjustable wire necklace to have a sleek, contemporary vibe. 

Amazonite is the stone of truth and courage. It is a calming stone believed to soothe the spirit and calm the soul.

  • Materials: Amazonite stones, 14k gold-fill
  • Length: 16" with 1" extender

        Yen-Ying Chee (Yen Chee Design) 
        Minneapolis, Minnesota 
        Materials: Sterling Silver, Quartz Crystal, Onyx and Tourmalinated Quartz
        Yen-Ying Chee has always been drawn to creating clean, unique, modern jewelry. She holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from Boston University, as well as a bachelor of science in interior design from the University of Minnesota. Prior to working as a full-time jewelry designer and mom, she worked as a commercial interior designer at architecture firms for over a decade. These experiences greatly influenced the "miniature sculptures" she creates. Besides being inspired by her travels, furniture, and architecture, Chee's designs often come from a deeper spiritual place within. She is especially drawn to working with clear quartz crystals due to their natural beauty and healing properties. Clear quartz known as "universal crystals" are completely natural and from the earth, believed for centuries to attract positive energy that enhances the mind, body, and spirit.