MISFOLD Origami Decor by Finell

Brand: Finell

Type: Mobile

Finell MISFOLD origami decor is perfect for a party adornment or a permanent art installation.


  • Materials: Paper
  • Dimensions: Approximately 72" x 17" x 17"


Finell is a designer and manufacturer of neo luxe housewares and fashion accessories, based in Austin, TX. "Great design is what drives every part of the Finell brand" explains CEO Rebecca Finell. We celebrate simplicity and smart design. We let go of convention to create new utilities and exciting products that redefine modern design. The Finell brand represents the finest craftsmanship and quality, with products made from an unexpected mix of luxury materials. Offering a progressive aesthetic and innovative features, the finished product aims to be as unique and refined as the customer who appreciates it.



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