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Modern Graphite Pencils

Modern Graphite Pencils

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No graphite pencils have ever looked more glam than the six you get in this pack! If you want to add some metallic shimmer to your pencil bag, look no further than these shimmering Modern Graphite Pencils.

Get two Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold metallic foil covered pencils in every pack of Modern Graphite Pencils. They come with a contemporary look and feel and triangle barrels which gives you a better grip and stops them from rolling away too. Perfect for both writing and drawing, these glamorous pencils are a perfect match for the Modern Script Fountain Pens and Journals.

  • Set of 6 - never be without one
  • #2 Graphite pencils - perfect for writing and drawing
  • Metallic foil barrel colors in gold, rose gold, and silver - 2 of each color
  • Triangle barrel – provides easy grip and does not roll away
  • Matches Modern Script Fountain Pens and Journals - complete the set
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