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3D Cardboard Townscapes

Houses, garages, shops, cafes, trees, fences, cars, buses and trucks — all the elements that make a townscape — bought to life by the modern colourful designs of artist Robert Czajka, who was inspired by disappearing Polish suburban architecture. Each Paper Town set contains four sheets of recycled cardboard printed with colourful, die-cut objects that easily pop out and fold into 3D. No glue or scissors necessary. There are three different sets. Each set makes 10 objects and the sets can be freely combined. Though they’re only cardboard, the objects are quite resistant and difficult to destroy. Paper Town is fully recycled, and unlike most real towns — environmental friendly!

  • Flat Size: 12″ W x 15″ H x 0.4″ D
  • Assembled Size: Varies, largest object is 3″ W x 4″ L x 4″ H
$7.00 (was $14.00)