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PERK Coffee Pour-Over Set

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Brand: Umbra

Type: Mugs

Using one of the purest forms of brewing, this pour-over coffee brewer produces smooth, clean coffee. Set includes ceramic dripper, metal base, and ceramic mug which nest together for easy storage. The dripper is large enough for 1-4 cups of coffee. Keep for yourself of gift to a coffee lover.


  • Materials: Ceramic & metal
  • Dimensions: 5.9" x 5.1" x 5.1" 
  • Stylish coffee set including ceramic dripper, nickel metal wire base and ceramic mug
  • Dripper uses a #2 cone filter, not included
  • Makes up to 1-4 cups of pour-over, filtered coffee
  • Mug capacity 9.5 oz (280 ml)
  • Achieves professional standards of flavor control
  • Easy to clean, this set is dishwasher safe


Designed by Wesley Chau & David Green for Umbra.

Wesley’s passion for designing products stemmed from a childhood in the arts. Growing up, much of Wesley’s time was spent solving problems by drawing or playing the drums. He went on to pursue Industrial Design studies at the Rhode Island School of Design. His experience in school was heavily focused on user-centered design and applying design as a tool to facilitate imagination. Wesley values the intersection between art and design and believes that great design tells a compelling story. His work has been featured in numerous press channels including Fast Company and The Discovery Channel.

David’s approach to design begins with a hands-on curiosity and a thirst for discovering an unmet need. To him, design is not just a 9 to 5 job—walking through a new city, seeing a cool mechanism, touching an innovative material or taking in an art show can spark a new direction at any moment. David believes a good product has equal parts style and function so that people love to own it and never want to throw away.