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Ring No2 by Wazo Designs

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Brand: Wazo Designs

Type: Jewelry

  • Description: Hand carved and reinforced polymer clay, acrylic paint, aragonite crystal 
  • Dimension: Size 7 


    Wazo Designs – Lindsay Locatelli 
    Minneapolis, Minnesota 
    Materials: hand sculpted and carved from polymer clay 
    Nature Is Love 

    I'm drawn to creating contemporary art jewelry highlighting nature's bold spirit and kinetic presence. Artistic visual cues range from the Southwestern's boundless sun-drenched blue skies, contrasting mountain-scapes, scaffolding cactus skeletons, bleached bones to neon desert blossoms. Wearing the work activates a tactile experience and animates these ideas as an adornment. My jewelry largely becomes mobile bodies of wearable art; inviting the view to interact as the user and observer. 

    Lindsay Locatelli’s process is entirely intuitive - making every piece unique.  Each component is hand sculpted and carved from polymer clay. After fabrication, she applies various finishing techniques such as paint, carving texture and gold-leafing.  This is part of her process requires many layers of materials and tedious sanding sessions in between.