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Sense Lamp by The Bright Angle

Brand: The Bright Angle

Type: Lighting

A floating porcelain shell used to capture the glow of LED light. The Sense Lamp is a lamp that is the best of contemporary design. This modern pottery showcases a porcelain lighting lamp that is also a work of ceramic art. The Sense Lamp is American Made and features capacitive sense technology. Add this modern pottery to your home decor - the lamp that your interior designer missed. The Sense Lamp could be modern bathroom lighting or the bedside table lamp that helps you go to sleep. The sense lamp makes the best wedding gift for the couple that wants unique pottery in their home. 

The Sense Lamp operates by sensing a human's electromagnetic field. The sensor is connected to a small Arduino computer chip. This allows the user to place their hand slowly towards the bottom of the lamp and the lamp will respond.

The Bright Angle believes in making art for the home producing the best gift ideas for wedding gifts, holiday gifts and other special gift giving occasions.

  • Dimensions: 6.75" x 6.75" x 8"
  • The Sense Lamp comes with a base, top, 12v LED light, and a knob on the circuit board to adjust the sensitivity of your lamp

Made in America

The Bright Angle sources wood, glass, and other material components in collaborations with local craftspeople that share our commitment to American-made and thoughtfully sourced raw goods The Bright Angle believes that good design is a marriage of concept, process, material, and utility.

The porcelain is the highest quality mixture of raw materials creating the most durable and structurally sound ceramic material - made in-house. The porcelain is made from the highest quality white clay (kaolin), glass (flint or silica), and glass melter (feldspar). The porcelain is fired to cone 6.  The Bright Angle takes pride in the purity of their materials.