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Small Brass Butterfly by Sibilia

Small Brass Butterfly by Sibilia

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Handcrafted Brass Butterfly

  • Materials: Painted hand-cut brass
  • Dimensions: 2.55" long by 2.75" wide
  • Handmade in Argentina


Patinas and oxides are meant to be kept dry. Water may fade the colors.

Hailing from the Abasto district of Buenos Aires, famous for tango and filigrana painting, Sibilia is a line of modern, geometric jewelry and home accessories handmade entirely in Argentina. From blowtorch to paintbrush, Fernanda Sibilia has been manipulating metals for years.

Sibilia channels the country’s culture and expert craftsmanship into dramatic hand-shaped pieces inspired by Latin American art movements and architecture.

The result: a beautiful, dynamic collection of jewelry and home accessories. 

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