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Sterling Silver and Tanzanite Stud Earrings by Bridget Clark Design

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  • 7 mm in diameter


Bridget Clark (Bridget Clark Design) 
Minneapolis, Minnesota 
Materials: Sterling Silver, 24-Karat Gold, Semi-Precious Stones
Bridget Clark came into jewelry design after a career in science. She held passions in art and science, which led her to study science in college. After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in clinical laboratory science, she worked in toxicology for several years. In 1998, she decided to leave for a more creative pursuit and set up a studio in her home. Exploring metalsmithing through classes and mentorship, a complex, three-dimensional and asymmetrical body of work emerged. Clark recognized elements of science and biology in her work, noting a botanical and marine aesthetic with an industrial edge. Clark is currently a charter board members of the Minnesota Jewelry Artists Guild (MNJAG) and is working to build community within the craft and engage the greater public with their awareness of the work, value and satisfaction of being a collector.