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"Such is Life" Bandana

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Brand: Bandits Bandanas

Type: Scarf

Bandits Bandanas feature original, never-before-seen designs created by artists from around the world. Bandits works directly with each artist to commission exclusive designs.

The Bandana

  • Size: 21" x 21"
  • Fabric: 100% Organic Cotton, GOTS Certified and sustainably sourced in India from Chetna Organic, pre-washed for an extra soft feel
  • Built big: You can fly, fold, style, and tie up your bandana in any way you want. There’s no wrong way to wear one!
  • Wash: Hand wash, line or tumble dry, warm iron, do not bleach
  • Make: Printed, cut, sewn, and packaged by hand at a Fair-Trade Certified facility in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Bandits has personally visited and inspected the facility to ensure ethical working conditions for every person involved in the manufacturing process.
  • Please note that bandanas are printed, cut, and sewn by hand. There may be slight variations from product to product.


Bandits Bandanas don't just look great, they do good across the globe! Bandits donates 10% of sales proceeds from each bandana design to support a different charity chosen by the design’s artist. Not only does this give you the chance to choose your favorite cause, but it’s also a great way to learn about the work being done by amazing charitable organizations around the world! 

Conscious Quality
Made from ultra-soft, 100% organic cotton. All cotton is GOTS Certified and sustainably sourced from Chetna Organic – an organization that supports and improves the livelihood of small farmers in India.


The Artist: Faye Pannell (Perth, Australia)

Faye Pannell is an illustrator, designer, and the founder of Black Mane Design Supply Co. (BMDS Co.) based in Perth, Australia. In addition to "Such Is Life," Faye's designs can be seen on BMDS Co.'s wide range of awesome clothing and accessories inspired by the landscape of Australia.

Beyond BMDS, Faye's portfolio of design work is inspired by the natural world and the people around her. Faye sees her work as a means to express narratives, telling the stories of her world with illustration and color. 

Inspired by the technique, line work, and colors of Ken Taylor, along with the handmade aesthetic of Dereck Castle, Faye's work is alive with detail. On first look, her designs jump off the page, instantly imbuing the viewer with layers of meaning. Then, upon closer examination, all of the smaller elements reveal themselves to transport the viewer into another world. BANDITS is proud to feature this incredible artist and the outstanding cause she has chosen to support.

The Design: "Such is Life"

As legend has it, "Such is Life" were the last words of Ned Kelly, Australia's most famous "bushranger". The bushrangers were outlaws who famously robbed coaches and lived off the land during the height of the 1800's Australian gold rush. Tales of the bushrangers evading authorities with their superior horsemanship, survival skills, and gunslinging courage evolved into things of legend. As time went on the legend only grew and the bushrangers became national symbols of rebellion, individuality, and rugged toughness.

According to Faye, "The design is my interpretation of an outlaw's life in the bush." In addition to traditional symbols of the bushranger lifestyle, Faye incorporated native flora and earthy color palette to reflect the unique beauty Australia. By tying together historical legend, the natural landscape, and modern design, Faye created a piece that truly conveys the sense of "mateship" and the laid-back attitude that characterize what it means to be "Aussie." 

The Charity: Akashinga (Zimbabwe)

The Akashinga (which means "The Brave Ones" in the Shone language of Zimbabwe) is an elite all-female anti-poaching unit of the International Anti Poaching Foundation (IAPF). The project empowers women from disadvantaged communities across Zimbabwe, allowing them to join forces and combat illegal trophy hunting in the country. The women manage a massive network of wilderness areas using an innovative community-driven approach. Though they are expertly trained to deal with any situation they may face, the team has an interpersonal focus, working with rather than against the local population for the long-term benefits of their own communities and nature.

Faye was born and raised in Zimbabwe and Botswana, and thus has a genetic and spiritual connection to Africa's wildlife and indigenous people. She strongly believes in supporting Akashinga, IAPF, and others on the frontline combatting poaching of Africa's precious species. In her words, "These rangers are a testament to female empowerment and their bravery and commitment should serve as an inspiration to everyone."

Like the bushrangers, tales of the Akashinga, their bravery, and their elite skills are becoming a worldwide legend, and YOU can help it grow! 10% of proceeds from your purchase of "Such Is Life" will go to train female rangers, pay them a salary, and provide the equipment and supplies needed to protect Zimbabwe's endangered wildlife.