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The Flicker of Projected Light by Sam Green

The Flicker of Projected Light
Sam Green

In recent years, Academy Award-nominated documentary maker Sam Green has grown increasingly interested in cinema as an ephemeral practice. Going to the movies, writes Rebecca Solnit, “which was once a great banquet in a dream palace is now often a snack devoured absentmindedly in isolation.” Inspired by the utopian qualities and evanescence of cinema, Green has created a form he calls “live documentary,” a mashup of film and performance. No two screenings are alike, and the films are never fixed, never to be watched on Youtube or streamed on Netflix. 

With The Flicker of Projected Light, Green will create a custom cinematic experience for the buyer. Green and the buyer will enter into an extended conversation over email that will lead to a screening. Green will travel to a city of the buyer’s choice (within the continental United States) and create a unique and ephemeral cinematic experience—it could be a film projected at a massive scale on the side of a building, or a backyard 16mm screening on fog, or a film viewed on a laptop while traversing the city in a taxi. Whatever form the screening takes, the experience will reach for the sublime and aims to linger in the buyer’s thoughts for some time after. The screening will be for the buyer and one guest only and will not be documented in any way other than that the buyer will receive a framed certificate stating that he or she is the owner of the memory of the experience. 

This is an edition of 1. This work is only available within the continental United States.


Sam Green