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Themis Mono Mobile

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Brand: Artecnica

Type: Mobile

Designed by Clara von Zweigbergk, Artecnica


Mono, the fourth addition to the Themis Mobile collection, is a large 12” wide singular dodecahedron, a twelve-sided geometric shape, composed of different colors on each of its surfaces. Themis can be hung as a mobile, or displayed on a wall, desk or bookshelf. Its sophistication and playfulness will appeal to all ages.  In her creative process, native Stockholm graphic designer Clara von Zwigbergk painstakingly handpicked each of Mono's vibrant, harmonious colors ranging from pastels to bright fluorescents, from warm to cool hues. Mono is printed on wood-free paper with high-quality spot-printed inks, and comes in an attractive 2d package which is easily assembled into its 3d format.


  • Dimensions: 12" Diameter
  • Materials: Wood-free paper, string
  • Kit includes: pre-cut unfolded paper, string for hanging, one ceiling hook screw, instructions for folding & assembly.