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Trisha Baga, Untitled, 2021

Trisha Baga, Untitled, 2021

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Trisha Baga
Untitled, 2021
ceramic vessel
Unique, various dimensions
Walker Commission

Trisha Baga (US, b. 1985) is a New York–based artist whose installations navigate between the virtual and actual, projecting moving images punctuated by 3D technology onto handmade and found objects, including studio detritus and ceramics. In 2011, Baga cofounded cc, a ceramics club hosted at the West Village Greenwich House Pottery. The group models itself on amateur “clubs” and brings together people of all backgrounds and generations to socialize, collaborate, and see what happens. In 2019, Baga’s immersive installation Mollusca & the Pelvic Floor was featured in the Walker exhibition The Body Electric, and subsequently accessioned into the collection, with the generous support of the 2019 Collector’s Council.

Commissioned by the Walker, Baga created 20 unique ceramic objects that draw on her everyday surroundings and life. Textured and glazed with various colors, the ceramics are at times functional and at others become eccentric and humorous keepsakes.


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